Another Stocksbridge Bypass Anecdote

There are many videos of people wandering about in the dark around the Stocksbridge bypass taking photographs of "orbs". But I like this one by the SilverStarTrucker. He's chewing a brandysnap (so he tells us) which slightly impedes his rambling delivery. But he's quite right - why are so many empty cars parked in the layby? It's a mystery to me. More interestingly, he says:

"The western entrance to the famous Stocksbridge Bypass. It runs through that land, that used to be farmed by monks. And this layby.... that green cafeteria thing isn't open today because it's August bank holiday. But according to...  I spoke to this bloke [who works there?] and he was there all night. And the lorry driver pulled in down here somewhere, and went in there for a break, cup of tea and a sandwich, and the second lorry pulled in and said "You'd better come out here, mate - your lights are on and your doors are wide open and your radio's playing full blast." And he came out, and there was nobody around because it was very early in the morning. And I think I parked in here one night and slept in the cab. But I didn't notice anything."