Creature in Llyn Tegid (Lake Bala), Gwynedd

I am from Bala in North Wales, and there has been lots of talk about sightings on the lake - people have seen peculiar things. But what I saw was: I was sitting in the office in the morning, having a cup of coffee, and I looked out onto the lake and there was this massive thing, swimming along the surface. It was at least eight feet long, and it was making its way towards the bank. I went in the car and came over the fence onto the lake foreshore, but it had disappeared. Some time after that, I was out on the lake one day, and I saw what turned out to be a dead sheep, a massive thing. I put a piece of rope around one of its legs and pulled it onto the foreshore and dragged it behind some trees and left it there. The following morning I went with one of my staff to bury this sheep, and when we arrived at the spot, it was nowhere to be seen. And I often ask people, who goes round pinching dead sheep? As to where it could have gone will remain a mystery, but as to my mind there was only one way it could have gone, and that would be back into the lake.

Tale by Dewi Bowen, Retired Lake Warden, for 'Strange Days'.