"Strange Animal" of Himalayas

Report by Italian
From our Correspondent

The Nepalese Foreign Ministry stated to-day that an Italian, Signor Godwin Ciani, who carried out a month's scientific exploration in a region north of Katmandu, had mentioned in his report to the Government an incident apparently connected with the question of the existence of the Snowman.

Signor Ciani said that on the night of November 28 he saw a strange animal, 5ft. high, just outside the cave in which the members of his expedition were camping. He had first heard the sound of the animal walking outside. When he went out he saw it staring at him. It was gone when he made a further investigation with his colleagues.

Next morning, the statement added, he found footprints like those of a man.

From The Times, January 2nd, 1959.

A photo by Asterix99