Strange animal at Coulsdon, Surrey

Some excitement has been raised in the little quiet village of Coulsdon, in Surrey, in consequence of an animal of strange and unnatural appearance having taken up its abode in the neighbouring woods. It has been seen by a great many persons, but the several descriptions are much at variance with each other. All decllare that it is something of the dog or wolf species, but all agree that they never saw the like before. It is thought by the more rational part, who are willing to assign a natural cause for the visit of this animal, that it has escaped from some menagery; but the superstitious are inclined to the belief that it is a supernatural being, come to terrify the wicked for their sins. It, however, appears to be subject to the natural wants that flesh is heir to, as two sheep have already been destroyed and partly devoured by this ferocious vissitant. A party, consisting of the gentry of the neighbourhood, with some hounds from the Surrey pack, went in pursuit of the animal on Tuesday morning, but they met with no success.

From The Times, May 3rd, 1833.