Sea creature at Gerran's Bay, Cornwall

An account from Sheila Bird, in 'Strange Days'.

"One fine summer's evening, I was walking along the shores of Gerran's Bay, with my brother (who is a high flown scientist, not given to flights of fancy), when he suddenly drew my attention to something in the water. "What on earth's that?!" he cried, and to my astonishment I saw an enormous sea creature - sea monster - just off shore, about 300 metres from the shore. And we were looking down from a height, at an oblique angle, and it had a long neck, an enormous hump, two smaller humps (and they were muscular, and you could see the muscles rippling as it was propelling itself rapidly along). And then we realised it had a long tail which was just below the surface, and which was as long as the trunk part. And surprisingly, the monster had this long neck, and for the size of the animal, a very small head. And in a way it looked rather endearing, because it had its head at a pert angle, and its nose in the air. And it was moving very rapidly, and very smoothly - it was gliding very fast. And it was quite surprising, in view of the size of the animal, that it was making very little disturbance on the glassy still surface of the water. We watched for about five minutes. Then all of a sudden it submerged. And it didn't, as one might expect, put its head down for a dive, it just went down like a submarine. First of all the hump disappeared, and then there was the neck, and the little head, and the last we saw of it was the little head and the nose disappearing below the surface of the water, with scarcely a ripple.