Kangaroos at large: Walworth, Surrey and "Castle Hill"

About seven o'clock on Saturday morning an unexpected and unwished for visitor made his appearance, sans ceremonie, in the gardens at the rear of a private dwelling in Manor-place, Walworth, which excited no little consternation and alarm among the occupants. Upon a female inmate of the house opening the shutters of the kitchen-window, which looks directly into the garden, she was suddenly amazed at beholding a kangaroo staring her full in the face. Terrified at the appearance of this strange animal, she gave the alarm, at the noise of which the kangaroo retreated a few steps, and took his stand upon a strawberry-bed. After gazing at the affrighted girl fro a few seconds, he took a leap over the adjoining gardens, and made his exit. It is supposed that he had effected his escape from the neighbouring Surrey Zoological Gardens.
The Standard, December 1st, 1834.

On the morning of Saturday week an old woman, residing in a house in Castle-hill, was unspeakably surprised, on awakening from her night's rest, to find a strange animal lying at her back, with one of its paws laid over her shoulder. Screaming with affright, she left her bed, and, seizing a towel, she beat it with all her might, when, with one bound, it sprung to the furthest corner of the room, and at length took refuge in another bed which stood in the same apartment. When the poor woman had a little recovered from her alarm, and had dissipated the idea that it was a visitor from the nether regions, she remembered that a collection of wild beasts were exhibiting on the Mound, and began to suspect that her lodger belonged to the number. She immediately went and called upon Mr. WOMBWELL, when it was discovered that one of the kangaroos had made its escape during the night, and, going up to the Castle-hill, had found this poor woman's door open, and, commodated beside her as in its own den in the menagerie, betook itself to rest, which, however, was broken in upon in the morning in the manner we have mentioned. The kangaroo was returned to Mr. WOMBWELL, who handsomely remunerated the woman for its lodging.
Morning Post, February 27th, 1834.