Sea monster, Alexandria

(From the American Papers.)

Alexandria, Dec. 9. 
The brig Trim, Capt. Cleveland on her passage from Gibraltar to this port, on the 25th of October, in lat.31. long.20. passed a substance in the water, about 25 or 30 feet from the vessel, which from its extraordinary appearance, induced the Captain to tack ship with a view to examine what it was -- the wind being light from the W.S.W. caused the boat to be lowered down, and sent the mate with two men to make discovery.

On their return they gave the following description:--
"When we came in sight of the before-mentioned substance, turned the boat and tacked her stern nearly over him, then about four feet under water lying coiled up with its head on top of the coil -- the head being pointed, and about 12 or 14 inches in length, with upper and lower tushes or teeth, appeared from three to four inches outside, the jaw shut within each other, appeared curvely like the tush of a hog, and extremely white.

"His body had the appearance in size of about three to three and a half feet in circumference, tapering towards the tail -- and his colour was of the deepest crimson, and reflected through the water some yards. The boat being to leeward of the reptile, the little wind and sea, while they stood viewing him, drifted it off about 30 to 40 feet, the mate then concluded to hook him; the noise of the oars at the first stroke started him, he threw himself out at his length, with his head towards the boat and came very near, raising himself nearly to the surface of the water in an attitude of attack, it was judged best to make for the vessel. His length could not have been less than 30 to 40 feet, and we judge him to be in form and appearance like a sea serpent."

From the Liverpool Mercury, January 26th, 1816.