Sea serpent at New Haven, Connecticut

NEWHAVEN (America), Nov. 13. -- SEA-SERPENT AGAIN.

On Tuesday last, the 11th inst., in the fore-noon, while Mr. Jonah Platt, and Mr. William Platt, were on the shore about 7 miles west of Newhaven lighthouse, they saw a strange animal, answering the description heretofore given of the sea-serpent, pass about 20 rods from the shore, going westward, his head about 2 feet above water, his speed far greater than that of any animal they ever saw move in the water; in their opinion he went a mile a minute; his wake was as great as that of a common-sized yawl; the wild fowl appeared much frightened, and flew in every direction as he approached them. The foregoing was given me by one fo the beholders, in whom you may place implicit confidence.

The Times, December 19th, 1817.