Genuine Big Cat, Wigan, 1847

District Intelligence.

On Monday last, as Mr. Edwin Huddlestone, bootmaker, London-road, was on his way from Upholland to Wigan, he was attacked by a panther, from whose claws he had a very providential escape. It appears that Mr. Huddlestone was on his way to Wigan about noon onthe day in question, when he saw a strange-looking animal, about the size of a half grown sheep, coming across a field. As it came nearer, the animal, which appeared to be a panther, leaped over the hedge and jumped up at the back of the whitechapel on which he was riding, with his little girl by his side. He struck the wild animal with the butt end of his whip, and thus made it relinquish its hold two or three times. It then tried to jump at the side of the vehicle, but in doing so the wheel appeared to have crushed one of its fee as it fell down, and then ran off upon three legs, howling most dismally.

From the Liverpool Mercury, October 12th, 1847.

Ok. Maybe not that big. But still a 'panther'.