Lake Lucerne monster, Brunnen, Switzerland

'Monster' hunt in Lake Lucerne.
Geneva, Aug 30.
An underwater search for a "monster" in Lake Lucerne is to be carried out by a Swiss diver using an electronic camera.
Crowds of sightseers lined the lake shore yesterday near Brunnen where about 60 people on Friday saw what they believed to be a long-necked creature moving through the water.
Photographs show a close similarity to some of those taken at Loch Ness over the past two decades. Its length was estimated at about 20ft to 25ft.

Lake 'monster' was made for TV show.
Brunnen, Aug 31.
The myth of the "monster" which appeared in Lake Lucerne, off Brunnen, on Saturday was deflated today.
Switzerland's "Loch Ness Monster", which drew crowds and tourist dollars to the lake area, turned out to be a 50ft inflatable "animal", complete with floats and flippers for realistic diving and surfacing, specially made for a television broadcast.
The Swiss press reported the monster's appearance in the lake with photographs showing two dark patches on the surface of the water. - Agence France-Presse.

From The Times, September 1st, 1976.

Interesting here that the size of the monster was underestimated by quite some margin.