Remarkable Animal, Oxford

A Gentleman (Mr. J. O. HYDE) direct from Oxford, called on us last Saturday, and informed that two brothers, one about 18, the other only 12 years of age, went into the woods, about five miles below Oxford on Thursday, the 12th ult., with two rifles, and discovered a strange animal about thirty yards distant from them. The oldest boy fired - and wounded him in the breast and shoulder. He turned, and made furiously towards the one who shot him. The oldest then called for his brother's rifle, who was about six rods distant. The younger brother started with his rifle towards him, but finding the animal would be too quick for him, had levelled his rifle himself, and brought him to the ground with a ball through his head. He was brought in and measured, when he was found to be eight feet in length from the end of the nose to the root of his tail, which was five feet long, making 13 feet in the whole. He was three feet four inches high when standing, his body about the size of a man's; he was of a red dun colour, had a face like a monkey, body like a panther, feet like a deer, and tail like a wolf. Mr. HYDE saw the animal himself. -- (Boston Palladium).

Not sure why the Boston Palladium would be interested in something from Oxford. Also, it was going so well until the monkey-face. It seems over-egging the pudding. I'm interested to check out other imaginative stories from the Morning Post. Maybe this is one of their specialities.

From the Morning Post, September 10th, 1825.